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Round 1: Following submissions, the Montreal Art Center and Museum directors meticulously select the top 100 artworks to be exhibited for 2 weeks at the Montreal Art Center and Museum. Chosen artists then dispatch their creations, emphasizing prepaid return postage for exhibition purposes.

Round 2: A panel of esteemed external judges assesses the entries, evaluating artistic merit and creativity. The top three winners will be then chosen, with the first-place artist securing $2,000 USD, an exclusive week-long solo exhibition and an exquisite stay in Montreal. The second and third-place winners receive $1,000 and $500, respectively.

This competition transcends borders, providing a platform for global recognition and artistic exploration. Join us in this celebration where a 12 x 12 canvas becomes a gateway to limitless creativity and international acclaim.

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Founded in 2013 at the Montreal Art Center and Museum, the Global Art League Competition is an international competition for professional and emerging artists. This is an exceptional opportunity for artists across the globe to have a chance to feature their artworks for sale on our website to a worldwide art buyer
audience. Additionally, the top artists selected by the Montreal Art Center and Museum Committee will have a chance to exhibit their best works at our galleries and win cash prizes.

For the past 10 years, our artists’ artworks have also been seen in over 1,200 cities and over 100 countries worldwide on our website! Some galleries charge thousands of dollars for a week's artist exhibition, and others may charge high commissions on any sales. The Global Art League offers the opportunity to artists to submit their work for consideration for an international art exhibition in one of North America's most artistic cities - Montreal. 


How Can I Participate?

Welcome to the thrilling world of the Global Art League International 12 x 12 Competition, where artistic prowess knows no bounds! Artists of all levels are cordially invited to unleash their creativity and submit their masterpieces to this prestigious event. The competition, hosted by the Montreal Art Center and Museum, offers a unique platform for artists to showcase their talents on an international stage.

The rules are simple: create a mesmerizing artwork that measures precisely 12 inches by 12 inches. The medium is open to interpretation, allowing artists to express themselves through oil, acrylic, drawing, charcoal, or any other medium that sparks their imagination.

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