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Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist

Submission Criteria

  1. Artwork Dimensions:

    • The submitted artwork must measure 12 inches by 12 inches (30.48 cm by 30.48 cm) in size. Any deviation from this dimension will result in disqualification.

  2. Medium:

    • The medium used in the artwork is open to interpretation. Artists are encouraged to express their creativity through various mediums including but not limited to: oil painting, acrylic painting, drawing (pencil, ink, pastel, etc.), charcoal, and mixed media.

  3. Theme:

    • There is no specific theme for this competition. Artists are free to explore any subject matter or concept that inspires them.

  4. Originality:

    • Submitted artworks must be original creations of the artist. Plagiarism or infringement of copyright will result in immediate disqualification.

  5. Submission Process:

    • Artists must submit a high-resolution digital image of their artwork for consideration.

  6. Entry Fee:

    • There is a non-refundable entry fee for each submission. The fee amount and payment instructions will be provided upon registration.

  7. Eligibility:

    • The competition is open to artists worldwide, regardless of age or professional status.

  8. Prize:

    • Round 1: Top 100 artworks selected for 2-week exhibition at Montreal Art Center and Museum. Chosen artists are responsible for return postage.

    • Round 2: First place: $2,000 USD and exclusive weeklong solo exhibition; Second place: $1,000 USD; Third place: $500 USD.

  9. Rights and Permissions:

    • By submitting their artwork, artists grant Global Art League the right to use images of their work for promotional purposes related to the competition and associated events.

    • Selected artworks may be featured in an exhibitions and publications organized by Global Art League. Artists will be notified if their artwork is chosen for such opportunities.

  10. Disclaimer:

    • Global Art League reserves the right to disqualify any submission that does not adhere to the stated guidelines.

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